Alert! How to Obtain Your Credit Score and Credit Report for Free As Well As Other Options?

Buying anything on credit almost always requires initial credit report and credit score checks. Even leasing and renting property has seen its share of credit checks. Hence, keeping your credit in top shape is essential to so many people. This is especially so as higher scores and cleaner reports can help keep the interest rates lower and can help you appear more trustworthy and hence are often allowed to pay much lower down payments. There are many ways to obtain your own credit score and credit report. Although getting them for free is an option, many people choose to pay for them to get more benefits. The great thing about this is that when you pull your own credit report, your credit score is not lowered, whereas if a lender was the one checking your credit report, your score might go down by five points. This is true even if the lender does not actually end up giving you any loan.

One Time Fee

If you are interested in pulling your credit or credit score once only, you can do that. There are many online sites that provide this kind of service. The fees usually range from $3 to $20. You can seek to obtain information from one, two, or all three credit agencies. You can also ask for only the credit report or only the credit score or both. In addition, you can have it mailed to you or with online access to print it.

Monthly Options

Many sites encourage people to go for monthly plans. This way, customers can make their own accounts with log in and password for their online access. They can have unlimited times to access their information for a specified duration. Although there are many monthly options, some sites offer quarterly options instead. In addition, many of these sites give free-trial periods for a week or two. However, they ask for a copy of your credit card information so that after the trial period ends, they can automatically withdraw money for the services offered.

Free Option

Everyone is allowed to get their credit report without the credit score once a year for free. This can be obtained online but they also provide a phone number and an address for those who wish to call or mail in the request. Some basic information would be needed, like your phone number, address, social security number and date of birth. They also ask credit history related questions like car payment details. This way is great because your report can show all your information from all three top credit bureaus that other lenders see. However, people often find that the three credit agencies do not match in all details as not all lenders report their activities to all three agencies. If you wish to receive the credit score along with the report, you are asked to pay a small fee for it. The website to look for is

Other Options

Whenever any lender denies to give you financing after they pulled your report, they would send a letter in the mail indicating that you have 30 days to obtain your copy of the credit report for free. This is meant to help you review your credit to understand why you were declined financing by lenders. Of course, if there are any items on the credit report that are not familiar, you should contest them. Many people find fraudulent activities on their credit reports and once removed, their credit scores recover within a month or so.