Get Out of Debt With God’s Help

There is nothing more debilitating than debt. It weighs down the mind and destroys the spirit if allowed to continue. People can even decide to commit suicide when the struggle to get out of the burden becomes too much. It’s all because society places a severe handicap on those who over-step their financial limits and ability to repay money borrowed for one thing or another. The worst form of debt today is that experienced with Credit Cards and Mortgages.

In Australia the amount of debt held by individuals is staggering and while the government is happy to be collecting taxes on what people earn they are loath to help when it comes to debt. Interest rates are governed to ensure that the economy stays afloat and manipulation of how this is achieved sees many plunged even further into the quagmires of debt handicap.

The big questions are how does one get out of debt and why would God help? To answer the last question first we have within a spiritual link and that connects us to the Great Power of the Universe. It is seeking its own people and calling them back from the things of the world. If you are linked to it in this way then you are entitled to be helped by the Spirit.

The second question is more difficult and requires a lot of concentration and sacrifice on the part of the debtor. First cut up all credit cards and dispose of the. Spend no money that you physically don’t have and the best way to do that is to stay single focused when shopping. Don’t look at ads and certainly don’t buy anything because it is on sale.

The next thing to think about is how much one spends on things like Christmas and Easter. These are festivals born of sun-worship and put up by the religion of 666. His identity is Constantine and he established the Catholic Church in 325 AD based on Islamic principles from Babylon. This is explained in Revelation 13:12-18 where it also states that he controls commerce and finance.

The industries that deal in these things want your money. The people who run them are not interested in your problems but only in how much they can extract from you. Christmas and other festivals are triggers for forcing you into debt and the credit card is the vehicle to do it. It’s easy to spend money when you are not handling it. The card overrides that need and it makes people feel good that they can just act like millionaires and get what they want immediately.

They tend to forget that they have to repay the debt on the card and that leads them to overspend and charge it up. The interest becomes the ‘money cow’ that banks and financial institutions are interested in.

Money is, therefore, a battleground between the Spirit of the Universe and 666. When you turn your debt over to the real God it will amaze you how quickly things will come right. If, on the other hand, you struggle on alone then you may never get out of the debt which may, in fact, increase.